Our Range


At Baily and Baily, we’re focussed on bringing people together by creating quality wines of taste and character from internationally recognised regions across Australia.


It’s this focus that’s at the heart of every decision we make involving our wines, with each variety being carefully chosen for its taste, character and quality.


Venture Series


Baily & Baily Venture series recognises the passion and expertise of our winemakers who partner closely with expert vignerons in some of Australia’s best regions. The result, exceptional wines that show true regional character reflective of the work which begins in the vineyard.






Folio takes you on a guided tour through Australia’s internationally recognised and celebrated winegrowing regions by way of its featured varieties. Barossa Valley, Coonawarra and Margaret River are just some of the stops along the way.






This range reflects our fun and carefree approach to wines. It’s not about the bouquet or palate, it’s the taste and company you keep that makes it enjoyable. Fun, lively and quirky, the Silhouette range is for sharing with your loved ones. No matter the occasion, we’d love to be your plus one on the next invite.