Our Region

Australia is one of the largest exporters and producers of exceptional quality wines, and this has lead us to taking our place on the world stage in the wine industry.


This country is a land of great contrast. At the heart, its dry, red soil desert provides a great source of warmth which drifts across to the lush coastal regions. The Baily & Baily wine-growing regions are located where vines thrive on the rich soils and respond to each unique terroir to create distinctly regional wines.



Winegrowing Regions

Baily & Baily wines originate from some of the most iconic regions in Australia well known locally and abroad for creating exceptional quality wines.



Barossa Valley


Just over one hour north of Adelaide is the stunning Barossa region, which consists of the Barossa Valley and Eden Valley. Famous for its Shiraz style, the region benefits from its warm and cool climates and produces a variety of iconic grapes and wines that are easily recognisable.

Margaret River


Producing some of the world’s most awarded wines, Margaret River benefits from many rain-free days during the growing season and relatively even temperatures throughout the ripening season. This contributes to growing high quality fruit with intense flavour. The resulting wines are simply exceptional and the region is particularly famous for Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Clare Valley


With a winemaking history dating back to the nineteenth century, Clare Valley’s varied soil and landscape allow a wide range of grape varieties to flourish, but it’s the Riesling grape that reigns supreme.


Rich terra rossa soils atop a layer of limestone provide optimal drainage and allow for the exceptional growing conditions of Coonawarra’s elegant Bordeaux varieties, known the world over.


With cool, dry summers and the region’s maritime-like climate, it’s a perfect combination for creating truly age-worthy wines of exceptional quality.

Adelaide Hills


Located a short 20-minute drive from Adelaide City, the Hills region is Australia’s most vibrant cool-climate region and renown for producing a delectable Pinot Noir and elegant Sauvignon Blanc.

Langhorne Creek


The Fleurieu Peninsula region, with its warm to hot climate, is home to Langhorne Creek’s famous Shiraz blends. Named after Alfred Langhorne, the region planted its first grapes in the 1860s.



Situated in Central Victoria, between Goulburn Valley and Bendigo, Heathcote is known for producing rich and velvety Shiraz varieties that are often spicy too. One of the locations of Australia’s gold rush era in the 1800s, today the region is known for its ‘wine gold’.

King Valley


Found in the North East of Victoria and following the King River North to the city of Wangaratta, King Valley has the greatest concentration of wine varieties in Australia. Of particular note are the King Valley Chardonnay, Riesling and Prosecco.